Graviton LTD Joel Poland Trick Ski 2023

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Keep it weird with the 2023 Joel Poland LTD Graviton.

2023 Graviton LTD Joel Poland

Joel Poland has invaded this industry like an alien from a planet where waterskiing is the life source keeping its population going. He’s the most talented kid we’ve ever seen ride a waterski, his determination to be the best is unwavering but the coolest thing about Joel is his weirdness. Weirdness in the weirdest, wildest, best possible sense of the term. He never stops dreaming about what’s possible on a ski, he’s invented more new tricks than anyone in the most recent years and due to that we offer the Joel Poland Ltd. Graviton, keep it weird Polish.

2023 Graviton

The Graviton pops clean off the wake, lands soft and moves easily from one trick to another. This is all made possible through CorFlex and a tip and tail tunnel, as well as our GNR Rails. All these updates have resulted in a ski that leaves you with a tight rope and the ability to fly through your run.

  • PVC Core – Tested and proven response.
  • Textreme Carbon – Lighter, stronger composites.
  • CorFlex – Perfect flex for clean pop and soft landings.
  • Radar Lab Made – Thanks Herb.

41"407.55 SQ"10.98"12-24 MPH / 22-40 KPHCOMPETITIONUp to 140 lbs / Up to 63 kg
42"427.68 SQ"11.25”12-24 MPH / 22-40 KPHCOMPETITION130 – 170 lbs / 58 – 77 kg
43"448.28 SQ"11.52"12-24 MPH / 22-40 KPHCOMPETITION160 – 220 lbs / 73 – 100 kg

The sidecut lines of the Graviton have one smooth radius from the center section of the ski through the tip and tail. This gives the ski a smoother carve to the wake after you land a trick and lets the ski roll on an edge easier, allowing you to travel back to the wake faster. The width of the ski has been made slightly narrower, making it nimbler from edge to edge. This also allows the ski to sit deeper in the water, which makes landings easier and forces the line tighter so you can move from trick to trick quicker.

The rocker profile has a slightly shorter flat spot and a little more rocker in the tip and tail. The shorter flat spot allows the glide speed of the ski to be greater which in turn gives the skier a sensation of a lighter ski. The reduced contact to the water also yields faster surface turns in both hand and toe tricks. More rocker in the tip and tail reduces suction ultimately leading to a cleaner pop off the wake every time.

The CorFlex found in the tip and tail ensure the ski flexes in these zones when load is applied at a gradual rate allowing you to control how much load is desired depending on the trick. When you load the ski for a body over, toe step or flip, it is comparable to loading a trampoline mat; this stored energy translates into more line load and more pop. Like the trampoline, for a flip you need more bounce than spin and the CorFlex allows you to micro adjust the amount of load needed perfectly every time. Beginner trick skiers are also finding it useful to help “center” them if the lean is too far forward or back. Tournament skiers have noticed how easy it is to go straight up off the water, reducing costly unwanted travel.

Center Mount Inserts
This is the first truly center mounted trick ski for hand tricks. We have added two binding locations for the front boot. The forward location is for hand tricks only. It moves both feet to the center of the ski instead of having the front boot in the middle of the ski and the back foot closer to the tail. This allows the skier to stand over the ski without excessive forward pressure. Body overs and spin tricks are much easier when the skier is perfectly centered. Now cutting to the wake from the forward or reverse position is equally simple. The front boot location puts the ankle bone on the center line of the ski with a traditional half inch adjustment either way. The neutral insert location is best for toe tricks as it allows the ski to swivel on a central balance point when a back foot is not located on the ski.

Tip/Tail Tunnel
Decelerating at the finish of a trick costs a skier time. We wanted to speed this process up to save skier’s time between tricks. The tip and tail tunnels create the right amount of suction on a landing to make the rope rock tight. This cuts down the skier’s need to decelerate. When the rope is tighter on landings you can commit to land on edge and go into the next trick because you know the rope will be there. We have seen a big savings in time in a flip sequence as well as the end of the toe pass in the toe step sequences. Tighter rope equals faster runs!

GNR Rails
The rails in the bottom of the ski are a more effective take on the traditional two grooves cut into the bottom of the ski. The grooves provide some traction but also create air and instability with the sharp edge. The GNR rails have 2x the tracking power to make the ski roll to edge and also deliver the pull smoothly and without the grabby feeling a sharp edge has. The GNR rails are the horsepower you can now use with the tighter rope the tunnels have delivered.