The Graphite Lyric gives those lady shredders looking for tighter turns and more speed behind the boat that extra edge. Ride the Graphite Lyric from 28-34 MPH for the optimum women’s ski both in and out of the slalom course.

2023 Lyric Collection

Skiers have come to know that a Lyric is a lady’s best friend. The Lyric is a level riding, auto-turning, smooth ski, designed to carry speed and make skiing effortless. By taking our Vapor and adding two tenths of an inch we are able to create a high-performance ski with more balance and support.

2023 Lyric

The Lyric is engineered specifically for the first lady of the water. We utilize a lighter weight carbon on the inside making the finished product softer and easier to turn. Ladies - rip on the Lyric between 26-34 MPH and have fun making effortless turns.

  • All-Terrain Core – Most forgiving construction.
  • 100% Carbon Fiber - Consistent flex every time.

63"340.81 SQ"6.78"34 MPHCROSSOVERUp to 130 lbs / Up to 59 kg
65"351.10 SQ"6.94"34 MPHCROSSOVER120 to 160 lbs / 54 to 73 kg
67"379.42 SQ"7.16”34 MPHCROSSOVER140 – 180 lbs / 63 – 82 kg