The 5th annual Herb’s Cup by Radar Skis took place August 4th and 5th on the famed waters of Radar Lake, in Woodinville, WA. The event is held to honor Herb O’Brien, highlighting his competitive spirit, while capturing the camaraderie of the sport. Paying homage to his creative drive, Herb’s Cup utilizes an exciting and unique lightning round format. Each skier leaves the dock armed with six and a half minutes to post their top obtainable score. Skip a pass, spin the boat and shorten on the fly, do whatever it takes to run the most buoys possible. And, as encouragement to make the most of your shot clock, a possible tie would be settled by the most cumulative rounded buoys at your shortest pass.

The list of invited skiers, comprised of previous Herb’s Cup winners, and World Champions, included Overall World Record holder Joel Poland and up-and-comer Jamie Calhoun. Cole Giacopuzzi, Jason McClintock, and K.C. Wilson each very familiar with Radar Lake were hungry to have their name etched on the Cup. Returning Champions, Stephen Neveu and Corey Vaugn rounded out the seven skiers vying for the title.

Starting at 32’ off, Jason McClintock would skip 35’ and head straight through 38’ and 39’ off. Clearing each pass cleanly, Jason would have three shots at 41’ off, finishing with two buoys, and 3rd place. Following Jason’s example, Jamie Calhoun would employ the same strategy. After a hiccup at 38’ off, going down at two-ball, Jamie would opt up to 39’ off, running it on his way to 3 at 41’ off and a second place finish. Defending Champion Corey Vaugn let his experience shine, opting to start at 35’ off, then moving directly to 39’ off on his second pass. With more than four minutes left on his clock, Corey would regain his Herb’s Cup title rounding 3 at 41’ off and accumulating 8 buoys total on the line length.

Herb O'Brien instilled in us a passion to push beyond the norm, to create, innovate and shape the future of skiing. With that in mind, we created the most unique format around town. Skiers are given 6.5 minutes to run as many buoys as they can with as little rope as possible, high score wins. Skiers can fall, skip passes or do whatever they want, the only thing that matters is that they throw down and post a huge score! We invited the most progressive skiers on the planet to see what they can do. This year the Cup was awarded to Corey Vaughn who put it all on the line to get 3.5 buoys at 41 off. Check the mayhem that made up the 4th annual Herb’s Cup.

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