The Radar Nation Tour is a multi-stop demo series allowing local skiers to have a fun day with fellow swervers and try new Radar gear in the process. We’d love to welcome you to the Radar Nation with open arms, so whether you want to come out and demo the latest Radar Skis or you already ride a Radar and just want to come hang out and ski we’d love to have you. We’ll even have a beautiful new MasterCraft ProStar to rip behind. This completely free day is full of rad times and shredding, sign up today!

April 25, 2020
   Bakersfield, CA - FULL
May 9, 2020
   Houston, TX - FULL
May 10, 2020
   Zorn, TX - FULL
May 16/17, 2020
   Bumpass, VA - FULL
June 5, 2020
   Farmer's City, IL
June 19, 2020
   Table Rock Lake, MO
June 20, 2020
   Lake of the Ozarks, MO
June 20, 2020
   Radar Lake, WA - FULL
June 26/27, 2020
   Grand Rapids, MI - 26TH FULL
June 27, 2020
   Boise, ID

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