The offside turn can be a nemesis to so many people in the course, listen to what the boys have to say about dialing in that side!

Listen as Rossi and Trent discuss driving tips and what you can do to become a better driver. Some awesome bits and pieces that are small things you can implement into your boat driving to improve everyone's experience.

Rossi and Trent discuss ski set up and all the variables that go into getting your ride dialed for the season!

In this milestone 10th episode the guys discuss their strengths and weaknesses on the water. They jump into what they do to combat their flaws and how they can use strengths to overcome any pass.

This week the talk is all about what it takes to move from pass to pass and challenges everyone faces as the rope gets shorter.

Rossi and Trent are talking about core fundamentals and discussing the foundation you need to build before true progression can occur.

Tournaments play a big role in most skier's lives and this week the guys dive into some best practices when it comes to preparing for tournament season.

We’re talking about ski trips, the boys chat about the coolest spots they’ve traveled and some of the most iconic locations in the sport.

Today the guys are having a chat about gates, the piece of the pass that can easily set you up for success

Trent gets into Rossi’s brain and they discuss all the pieces it takes to make a ski come together.

The boys discuss skiing in adverse conditions and what you can do to step up your game.

Those first few sets of the year are fun, terrifying and exciting - listen as Rossi and Trent talk about starting your season on the right foot.

Rossi and Trent discuss Long and Shallow vs Short and Deep fin settings. What each accomplishes and what can be learned from riding both setups.

Spraymakers is a podcast that dives deep into the world of slalom waterskiing with Chris Rossi and Trent Finlayson. Join us as we talk about all the fun things you ever wanted to hear. Episode 1 drops March 2nd.

A waterskiing podcast just for you!

Join Rossi and Trent as they dive into their craft and explain the stories and set-ups behind the sport, and find answers for the mysteries of the world.

Chris Rossi
Trent Finlayson

Chris Rossi is a founding member of the Radar team and leads the charge on the design front these days. He has been a Pro Champion and is long revered as one of the most stylish guys in the field. His take is smooth and sophisticated.

The Canadian half of the duo, Trent Finlayson brings his unique perspective on the sport to the Spraymakers table. A World Champion, and one of the most sought after coaches in the game, Trent keeps his technical approach as simple as it comes.