This episode rounds out an amazing third season of the podcast, thanks for tuning in along the way. To wrap the season the guys talk about reflection and learning from the ski season behind to make the next your best season yet. Enjoy and we’ll see you back next year!

Back for a second week of listener questions, the guys discuss advancing through line lengths and how to maximize your training for success.

As this third season winds down the guys take some of your questions and expand on the topics. This week they discuss adapting to different ropes and recovering from a poor gate setup.

The guys discuss the relationship with the boat and riding the line based on visuals, feeling, and where both come into play.

It’s really easy to compile a laundry list of keys to work on but the guys discuss why it’s important to streamline your keys and focus on the things that make the biggest impact.


A waterskiing podcast just for you!

Join Rossi and Trent has they dive into their craft and explain the stories and set-ups behind the sport, and find answers for the mysteries of the world.

Chris Rossi
Trent Finlayson

Chris Rossi is a founding member of the Radar team and leads the charge on the design front these days. He has been a Pro Champion and is long revered as one of the most stylish guys in the field. His take is smooth and sophisticated.

The Canadian half of the duo, Trent Finlayson brings his unique perspective on the sport to the Spraymakers table. A World Champion, and one of the most sought after coaches in the game, Trent keeps his technical approach as simple as it comes.